Friday, 21 September 2012

Kerala Wildlife sanctuaries - An adventurous Journey to Kerala Wilderness

There is lot of attractions in South India. In that Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in South India. The name Kerala spread all over the globe only because of its natural beauty. Kerala is also called as God's Own Country, has national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, and tiger reserves.  People are very happy to visit the place like Kerala. Every were you can see the slop carpet of greeneries. The calm and quiet nature makes the visitors to live happily. If you are planning a trip to south India include Kerala in your list. You can see lot of attractions in Kerala wildlife sanctuaries. There are many innumerable species of wildlife sanctuaries found nowhere else on the world. Kerala forests are blessed with the delightfully charming or attractive green and rain forest with elephants, tigers, nilgiri Tahr, deer, leopards, lion-tailed macaque, gaurs, monkeys and water birds gives tourist a rare sight. Malabar giant squirrel is also very common species here.

Why to visit Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries? The reason is that you will feel ecstatically happy to as you trek quietly along the jungles in Kerala, you can hear the sweet jungle sounds; the trees and shrubs shocking green. You will love the very A distinctive air so aromatic many a time; you can see the bond of a lifetime may begin here. Given below are the major Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries.

*      Eravikulam National Park
*      Silent Valley National Park
*      Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
*      Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
*      Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
*      Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam national park is situated in idukki district. It is one of the Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries. This park is home to the endangered species of a mountain goat called the Nilgiri Tahr. And it is also home to the biggest moths in the world called the Atlas moth. The south India highest peak called Anamudi is located in this sanctuary. This gives a charm to this landscape. Numbers of exotic plants are also present here. This mesmerizing beauty of the places makes you feel happy.  You can visit this place anytime in the year. It is better to avoid during monsoon season. It is unsafe to travel during rainy season. And only some places are allowed for visitors.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala was declared Chinnar National Park as sanctuaries in 1984. Chinnar is home for Giant grizzled squirrel. It is an endangered species. Other than this you can find animals like elephants, tigers, deer, Hanuman monkey, gaurs etc. Sprawling greenery woodlands and velvet green cover of plants over the sanctuaries makes haven for the animals and birds of the sanctuary. The sanctuary is located 500-2400 height from the sea level. Beautiful attraction in sanctuary is peacock walking down the path way of sanctuary.  Boating, mountain climbing, and trekking are provided here. You can do a trek by contacting the Chinnar forest tourist department directly. If you wish, you can even stay inside overnight (they have some rustic cottages).

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located in palakkad district. The greenery nestled in the valley between the Anamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala on the Western Ghats. This is the pride of Palakkad. Here you can see the varied wildlife. It includes species like leopard, crocodile, tigers, elephant, barking deer, monkeys, and rare species of exotic birds. This sanctuary has largest population of the Indian bison also known as the Gaur. You can visit sanctuaries in any time. It is better to avoid during the monsoon season.

Silent Valley National Park
Kerala Silent Valley has got its name due to the absence of the noise. The park is rich in flora and fauna and home to many animals and birds. The greenery and streams of rivers make this place a haven. The park has rare herbs and plants which has medicinal value. Medicinal plants are today very rare to get. The wildlife here is rich in not only big animals but also small animals, insects and reptiles. The animals which we can see here include leopards, tigers, elephants, boars etc. The endangered Nilgiri Langur and Lion tailed macaque are found here. And you can also find number of reptiles like snakes, and amphibians. If you are planning trip to Kerala then you must visit Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Periyar wildlife sanctuary is a biggest wildlife park in Kerala. It is a never miss Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries. This place is home for wide variety of animals, including the tiger, goats, elephants, leopards, deer, Nilgiri tahr etc. Periyar wild life sanctuaries are also a paradise for bird watchers. This beautiful sanctuary attracts the birds, because of its surroundings. It is fully green and color full. It makes you feel happy.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is established in the year 1973. The deep forests of wayanad wildlife sanctuary are provided shelter for Pazhassi Raja during his rebellion against the British force. This sanctuary is also referred as Muthanga wildlife sanctuary. Wayanad is a very popular place to visit in India. Whenever you are planning a trip to god’s own country then you must visit Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Coorg Tourism: Fascinating beauty of nature’s paradise

Coorg or Kodagu is located in South Western part of Karnataka District. Coorg is a silent, calm and picturesque place. Every where you can see the long forested roads passing through the blossoms makes the coorg as a good place for driving. In the month of March and April, coffee plants are blossoms with white color. Coorg is a very cool place. Coorg Tourism includes all the places in coorg. The beauty of the nature makes the tourist happy for the person who is looking for peace.  Why people are interested in Coorg Tourism? This beautiful place is always famous for its evergreen forests, coffee plantations, green valleys, streams, orange groves, and tea estates. Coorg is now termed as Kashmir of Karnataka and Scotland of India.  It is such a beautiful place. Any time you can visit this place. June to August is the monsoon season and March to May is the summer season, and winter is from December to February.  Coorg is a beautiful tourist destination and there are some other memorable places also seen in coorg.

Abbey Falls
The tourist destination coorg is one of the famous hill stations in south India, and home for number of famous alluring waterfalls and surrounding forests. Abbey falls and iruppu falls are the most beautiful and famous waterfalls. Waterfalls are the main attractions in coorg for the tourists. Coorg Tourism attractions offer you everything .The beauty of the nature makes you visit the place again and again. If you are decided to plan a tour to south India, then include this place in your list. Coorg Tourism is must see tourist destination in south India. Other attraction of coorg includes Mallalli falls, Madikeri palace, Madikeri fort, Raja’s Tomb or Gadhige, ecological parks, and ancient temples. Travelers or tourist can go for trekking and hikes. The best season to go for a trekking is October to March.

Raja's Seat Gardens Coorg
 If you are visiting this place you can experience the pleasant climate. Why to plan a trip to Coorg Tourism? The reason is that it is a very beautiful tourist destination. The beauty of coorg makes you feel happy. You can enjoy the place each and every second. This is right place for tourism; especially the person who is looking for peace is getting attracted here. You will feel happy in your every step in coorg. Whenever you are planning tour add coorg tourism in your list. Never miss to travel to Coorg. Only by reading about this place you cannot experience the beauty, if you want the experience then you must visit the place and enjoy.

November to April is the best time for visiting coorg. Mercara Dasara, Sivarathri, Ugadi, and Cauvery Sankramana and are the main festivals of coorg. October witnesses grand celebrations, in the month of October Mercara Dasara and Cauvery sankramna are celebrated. The Mercara Dasara is very special because it is celebrated at night. Cauvery sankramana is concentrated around the river Cauvery. Coorg Tourism is the main attractions for the visitors from the globe.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Cochin Tourist Attractions: The Perfect Destination for Travelers

Trip to South India will be really cool. You can see lots of history, art and culture. South India tour will give you a unforgettable moment in your life. There are lot of attractions are there in India. Within one day you cannot cover all the places in South India. If you are planning a trip to South India then include Kochi or Cochin tourist attractions in your list. The city derives its name from the Malayalam word Kochazhi meaning small lagoon. This beautiful city is located in Ernakulum District Kerala-It is also called as “Gateway to Kerala”. Kerala is a God’s own country. Kochi or Cochin as properly known as Queen of Arabian Sea, finest natural harbors of the world.  Every year lot of peoples from globe is visiting here. The beautiful Cochin is a gift of nature. Every were you can see Lush mangroves, coconut trees reflected in the translucent waters of backwaters, ancient churches, cathedrals and fort - tourists on sightseeing tours of Cochin would find all these and more. Backwaters of Cochin are an ultimate charm and it offers a unique experience for the tourists. Don’t miss to plan a trip to Cochin Tourist Attractions. In your every step you can see the sightseeing attractions in Cochin. We can call Kochi as paradise for tourists.  Below is a list of famous sightseeing places which are a must-see in Cochin.

Mattancherry Palace
Mattancherry palace is the important monument of India. Cochin Tourist Attractions includes all the tourist destinations in Kochi. Today palace is a storehouse of ancient paintings and art forms. Dutch carried out some renovation and extension work in mattancherry and it is known to be as Dutch Palace. The old mattancherry palace was built by the Portuguese in 1555 A.D. The palace is given as a present to the Raja Veera Kerala Varma who was the Maharaja of Kochi. Now the palace is converted into an art gallery showcasing for some best paintings and murals of Hindu mythology. Here puranic legends are also found. This palace is a quadrangular building constructed in Nalukettu style it is a Kerala type of architecture. There is one courtyard in the middle of palace. Inside the courtyard there is one temple named pazhayanur bhagavati, deity belonging to the royal family Cochin. If you a plan a trip to Cochin Tourist Attractions then only you can see the beauty of this destination.

Cherai Beach
Cherai beach is the one of the beautiful beaches in Kerala. You can see the greeneries near to the beach. Peoples are visiting from morning to evening.  The wind condition is very good. Sea foods are available in the restaurant nearby beach.  It is a beautiful destination for swimming also. Sometimes dolphins are spotted here. Tourist also can see the paddy fields, coconut groves. It is a amazing place. So don’t miss to plan a trip to Cochin tourist Attractions.

Willingdon Island
The Willingdon Island is a manmade island. The beautiful island is named after Lord Willingdon, the British viceroy of India. This island is created by using sand dug from Kochi port.  The basic structure of the port was completed by the year 1939, the time of Second World War. The main land is connected o the Rail Bridge and a road bridge for transferring infrastructure for the war. 

Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese fishing nets are a legacy of the visitors of Malabar. The Cochin harbor entrance is dotted by these fishing nets. In Malayalam Chinese fishing net is also called as “Cheena Vala”.  These fishing nets are first erected between AD 1350 and 1450. These are large nets, which hang from bamboo or teak posts with lights suspended above the net. These nets also have counterweights in order to facilitate easy-handling of the nets. The local fishermen still use these nets to catch the fish attracted by the light suspended above the nets. Today this place has become the most popular Cochin Tourist Attractions.

Cochin Backwaters

Kochi is also called as Cochin. It is one of the beautiful backwater destinations in Kerala. Backwaters and beaches attract thousands of tourists around the globe every year. It is also regarded as the industrial and commercial capital of Kerala. A picturesque and lovely islands, lagoons, and swaying coconut palm trees make Kochi a perfect backwaters destination. This beautiful destination is a gift from nature. If you visit this place once, the beauty of the nature makes you visit this place again and again.

Marine Drive
Today Marine Drive is considered as one of the most famous and beautiful parts of the city. This is also known as Shanmugham Road. The marine walk is very beautiful- you can see the backwaters from here. At night you can see the lights from the various ships are giving you a breathtaking experience. You can see some other buildings near to the marine drive. It is built using the modern architecture. Whenever you are planning trip to Kerala. You must visit this beautiful place. Only by reading about these places you cannot experience the beauty of Cochin Tourist Attractions. So visit and Enjoy!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kanyakumari Tourism -The way of Enjoyment

Kanyakumari is one of the small districts in Tamil nadu. Kanyakumari tourism will be a memorable experience only when you visit kanyakumari. The name of the place kanyakumari is derived from Kannyakumari Amman Goddess, who is popularly worshipped in the area. Kanyakumari takes its name from the Kumari Amman or Kanyakumari temple; it is situated on the sea-shore in the town. The town kanyakumari is also called as Cape Comorin. This beautiful place is the center for art, culture, and pilgrimage. Kanyakumari is ruled and controlled by the great rulers of India namely Cholas, cheras, pandyas and nayaks. You can see the beautiful architecture in temples of kanyakumari. These architectures work are done by these rulers. Kanyakumari is famous for the meeting point of three oceans- Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Here you can experience the view of sunrise and sunset. Kanyakumari tourism makes your dreams come true.

If you are visiting this place you can see Vivekananda rock here, one evening of December 25, 1892 spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda spent his days upon a rock by doing meditation. There are list of attractions you can see in Kanyakumari, it is endless. This place is a major Hindu pilgrimage center. It is a beautiful place to move around. You can see the different attractions from Thiruvalluvar statue to the Vivekananda rock memorial in kanyakumari. Every year tourist from the globe is visiting here. October to March is the best time for visiting kanyakumari. Kanyakumari tourism is considered as one of the beautiful tourist destination.

We can call kanyakumari as beauty of paradise. Sea shells are available here in different ways - it is used for arts, bags. The things which are done by using sea shells are very beautiful.  It attracts the tourists towards to it. No one will not move back without purchasing anything. It is such a beautiful one. The time you spent here will be the unforgettable one.  Sea foods and wide variety of spices are available for your enjoyment. The sunset and moonrise can be seen almost simultaneously on full moon days from the same spot. It is a unique spectacle. The most important feature of the district is that there are several rare temples which cannot be seen elsewhere kanyakumari. Kanyakumari tourism includes tour to kanyakumari. If you are planning a trip for your mind fresh and stress, while planning include the kanyakumari tourism in your list.  It is having most beautiful sightseeing attractions. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Hill Stations in Kerala: Evergreen Attractions to the Global Tourists

Seeing the beauty of the nature and experiencing widely spread greenery is everyone’s dream. You can see this greenery in Kerala hill stations. If you visit this place you can get an energizing feelings because its gives inspiration to stand out in any tough situation. The beauty of the nature refreshes your mind in each and every second. Kerala is known as God’s own country it is gifted by the nature. It is also known as visitor’s heaven because each and every step you can see the mesmerizing waterfalls, green valleys, wild life etc. There is always something special you can experience in every season of Kerala.  Visitors cannot forget the times that spend here. The famous hill stations in Kerala are Munnar, Ponmudi, idukki, Nelliyampathy etc.

Munnar Hill Station:
Munnar is one of the most famous and spectacular hill stations in Kerala. Every year tourists around the world are visiting here, munnar got its name from the Tamil word munu and aru. Munu means three and aru means river. Three rivers are flowing here namely, Nallathanni, Muthirappuzha and Kundaly. It is located in idukki district and situated around 1520 height from sea level. We can call it as paradise because of its natural beauty. You can see and enjoy the scenic view of munnar. It is one of the famous tourist destination preferred by the travelers.

Ponmudi Hill Station:
This beautiful hill stations make your dream come true. You can feel the cool and pleasant climate here. Ponmudi is located near to Trivandrum and situated at a height of 915 m above sea level. It is a beautiful hill station known for its climate, tea plantations and scenery. You can find deep forest for hiking and trekking. In and around the ponmudi you can see agasthyakoodam, meenmutty falls. Agasthyakoodam here is the second highest peak in Kerala.

Idukki Hill Station:
Idukki Hill Station
Idukki is one of the most famous and beautiful destinations in Kerala. If you visit Kerala it will be your unforgettable moment.  The river pumba has origin here. There are lots of attractions to see in idukki like wildlife sanctuaries, elephant rides, mountain treks, hill stations etc. Plan a trip to this place and spend your free time here. It gives you a relief, if you have tension or work stress. This is a place to cool your mind.

Nelliyampathy Hill Station:
Nelliyampathy is a marvelous hill station. It offers you a breathtaking view of the mountains and valleys. This is located 52kms from palakkad. Nelliyampathy include the inspiring scenery, a grand view of the mountains, pleasant climate, plantations of tea, coffee flora and fauna, etc. In nelliyampathy the height of the hills ranges from 467 m to 1572 m. Nelliyampathy is considered as the amazing hill stations in Kerala.

If you are planning a trip to Kerala include these Hill stations in your list. South Indian tour operator helps you to cover all these places. Spend your free time in Kerala and experience the beauty of the nature. Enjoy!